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Full Time
$90,000 Annual
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Tired of your mudane underpaid and unsatisfied job?

If you thrive for adventure, challenge, adrenaline, excitement and daily cash payments in a career, then Fugitive Recovery work is for you.   

To be a Bounty Hunter in (STATE), all that is required is essential training. Obtaining the most sought after elite training comes with the only academy in the nation. You must demand the best to be the best if you want to be successful in this industry.

First, you need to know some basics about what this industry has to offer and the FACTS:

  • Pay - the standard is 10% or higher on the bond amount on each fugitive you arrest. For example, if you arrest a fugitive on a $300,000 bond, your pay for that arrest is $30,000


  • As a Hunter, you have broader arrest powers than the police.
  • You can work mostly anywhere and not just tied to one jurisdiction. Local police are not allowed this privilege
  • As a Hunter, you do not require a warrant. Police need reasonable suspicion, probable cause to get a judge to sign an arrest warrant.
  • Police have to read Miranda warning. We read nothing except a book on our free time.
  • Police have to report on a standard shift. We can work when we want and take off when we want and have as much vacation days/weeks whenever we desire.
  • We get paid cash (COD). We do not wait around for a pay check.

If this interests you and you want out of your boring job and into the most amazing and lucrative industry out there, join us. We only accept those who are serious due to the high demand and are fully committed. You must read our site to find the answers to all your questions and then either register online or contact us by phone. Your entire future can and will change with just a call.

Go for more information and get registered. Register with a small deposit and pay the balance when you arrive at the course. When you complete the course, you can begin working immediately pending minor state regulations!

We also offer a membership no one else in the country does and design a custom made badge made of real gold and silver and hundreds of non-lethal weapons and much more at up to 60% off!

We have courses nationwide. Visit our schedule to find a course that appeals to you.  BOOK IT! What will  I make or get paid? The range is approximately $80,000-210,000

If you are local to our training and  require a hotel, stay where we train at our 4-star hotels and get a huge 40% discount. Limited seats! Act fast. Serious inquiries only


Job ID: 207518090

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