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Mention code BHTA5900. Registration fee is normally $795.00 for the entire weekend. Membership included ($500.00 value). With this promotion, your fee will only be $495.00 complete. Not only that but you will be featured in a French documentary on Bounty Hunters and go after a real fugitive from justice.  A once in a lifetime opportunity. 

The 'Bounty Hunter Training Academy' is holding a tactical training course the weekend of January 25-27, 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn located at 1516 Aero Drive in Lithicum right by the BWI airport.  All you need to work immediately as a world-class professional Bounty Hunter in either state or both is our certificate upon completion.

If you are looking for a transitional career that holds the most excitement, adventure, challenge, adrenaline and pays more weight in CASH than any other, this is the Industry for you. We are the only Academy in the nation with a rich 30-year history and over 10,000 satisfied and successful professional world-class Hunters who have greater arrest and extradition powers than the police and enjoy the jurisdiction of the nation and beyond.

We bring to the table a unique perspective in our training methodologies no other Academy does. We are expert criminal profilers, criminal science behavioral analysts and pre-text wizards. Our hands-on tactical training foundation core is built upon the art of Krav Maga working in small and effective apprehension teams.

We train SWAT, CERT, police and military domestically and in dozens of countries abroad. Our references are impeccable, and the media has followed us everywhere. Thousands of testimonials speak for themselves.

We offer a lifetime membership which contains huge benefits of thousands of non-lethal weapons you cannot find anywhere else at incredible savings of up to 70% off as well as accommodations where you get the same type of discounts.

In certain states like Pennsylvania and Maryland, all you need to work legally is our certificate and an Act 235 or carry. In other states, a background check is also required and a small 8-hour government course.

This is not basic training or a novice course of any means. Also, we will be providing you employment opportunities not just in hunting fugitives for profit NATIONWIDE but also hunting 'deadbeat parents' for massive profit and local, state and federal government contracts. You can only achieve these opportunities at the Academy. It is also a fantastic opportunity for those looking to add an extra dimension to their existing company like a Private Investigator or Security company or even someone who would love to do something incredible like this on the side. 

We have been recognized for our achievements by literally every media source here in the United States and was the sole contracted Bounty Hunters for 'America's Most Wanted'. We also hold all the awards by the all the professional associations in this Industry time and time again.

This course is forming right now! Come alone or bring some trusted buddies with you as the ideal fugitive recovery team is comprised of FOUR; 3 men and 1 female OR 2 men and 2 females since females add a dimension that men cannot. If not, there will be other individuals looking to team up.

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. So, we rolled back our registration fee back to 1989 when the fee was only $495.00. This is what you pay instead of our 2019 fee of $1200.00. You can register with a small deposit of $200.00 as an option of full payment. If you select the deposit, you will receive written notifications which you advise you to bring your balance with you when you arrive at the course. Anyone needing accommodations, will receive a direct number to the Hotel with a code to get 40% off the guest room registration fee!

ACT NOW! First come - first served! For additional information, please review our web site and register for this course and or any of our other courses listed around the nation on our schedule page. 

Only at the Academy, will you find not just Employment Opportunities hunting Fugitives for Profit but also, we will show you how to cash in on the new market of hunting Deadbeat Parents for massive cash profit and how to obtain local, state and federal government contracts!!!

How much do I get paid? i.e.

Hunting Fugitives: 10% commission or higher. Arrest a scumbag on a $200K bond - get paid $20,000 cash for the day’s arrest.

Hunting deadbeats: 40% commission or higher. Locate and/or arrest a deadbeat for $200,000 in back child support arrearages and get paid $80,000.

All our courses do sell out. Only contact us if seriously interested and planning on attending. Act now! If you are seriously interested, please leave a number where we can get a hold of you and a proper e-mail address. We suggest that you contact us directly with any questions. Don't be shy. Please only respond if truly interested.



You will learn from THE top seasoned professionals in the industry. Active elite Hunters with decades of experience with thousands of arrests under their belts. You will learn proprietary skills, tools and techniques not learned anywhere else in the world that will set you apart from any Bounty Hunter in the country. This is a promise. At the Academy, you become a professional, world-class Hunter.

You will learn investigative and intelligence skills to track your prey and make the arrest. We will instruct you how to stay safe and keep you free from liability. You will learn invaluable techniques in marketing and advertising to get jobs and large contracts but most of all we will engineer you to be the most proficient Intelligence gatherer in order to make arrests and get paid. If that was not enough you will also learn tactical hands on training not available in any other school, institute of its kind.

Our instructors have various mixed martial arts, street survival commando experience, military experience & will train you in handcuffing techniques, hand to hand combat, CQB (close quarters battle), street survival, self-defense, room clearance, breach, tactical entries and more!! If you are looking for a cheap online school, imitator class, institute, DVD, Rambo style boot camp, do not contact us! You must be serious about your training and only demand the best. You must get educated and get proper training if you want to succeed in this industry. If you do not believe in this creed, you WILL fail!

We have had our own military from the ARMY to MARINE/ NAVY to SEALS/POLICE to SWAT and even our own BAIL BONDSMEN/BAIL AGENTS AND seasoned BOUNTY HUNTERS that is awe struck as to the level of training and new techniques they get at our academy in such a little time frame. Urban warfare has changed and BHTA is here to show you how to be at the top of your game.

At BHTA, we are all about teaching the art of short-term investigations and non-lethal use of force. We will show our amazing art of how to get a fugitive that is eluding you into custody in 30 seconds or less. Nobody in this industry can teach you that! You will be given instructions on the licensing and regulations details not just in MD but in all States in the Union. We will show you how to get contracts not just in Maryland but everywhere in PA and in 44 other states!!! This is an industry with unlimited growth potential and is recession proof!!! Your training manual is yours to keep at the end of the class. It will be your bible. We will answer all your questions -that is our promise to you.

As an extra bonus, the Master Instructor of our industry and founder of BHTA will be in attendance for this class! You will truly learn from an Industry giant and Icon. Respond immediately for more information and to sign up. This class will sell out. So, act now before opportunity passes you by. Do not forward any resumes. Thank you. Name/Coordinator Here is just a taste of what you will learn on just Saturday:

• Handcuffing • Takedown procedures • Frisk/Pat downs • Weapon(s) disarmaments • Handgun control • Basic Door/Window Breaching • Room Clearance • Basic Operational Planning • Working in Teams • Distraction, Use of Confusion • Room Clearance • Dominance • Danger Areas • Bystanders • Emergency Situations • Crowd Control • Tactical Withdrawal • Low Light Penetration & Clearance • Non-Lethal Weaponry • Extractions • Post Operational Debrief • Live Video Arrests


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