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To grab at a seat at this fascinating hands-on course, the training to become a word-class elite Hunter with the Academy is a 2-day training followed by a voluntary weapons training of 5 days. This is an advanced course and is held in 4 star hotel meeting rooms. Courses held around the nation 23 times per year. Once completed, you will receive your certificate at the course, obtain a hologram ID card and customize your badge from hundreds of designs. We are brothers and sisters in arms. We will guarantee the best training and you will be Bounty Hunting in the course on the first day unlike anyone else. We will teach you profiling, criminal science behavioral analysis, pre-text art to make you world-class. Take down a scumbag and earn big bucks safely and effectively. You do not need to be in shape with the martial arts skills we teach you and you can learn it in one weekend. A promise. After some experience, our Hunters are earning six figures per year. A career with a fist full of adrenaline like no other and large cash payments.

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We currently do not have any open positions, but please check back soon.